Nautical Nameboards / Quarterboards made for Lady K

First of all, Teak Quarterboards, or Nautical Nameboards with gold leaf letters, always look great. We make them customized and hand by hand at Designs & Signs in Edgewater, Maryland. Are nautical nameboards hard to make? Yes, typically, a pair of boards require four weeks from drawing approval to completion. However, boards without carved letters are easier to make. Usually, we need three weeks to complete boards without carved letters. Howard and Brendon fashion our boards by hand, from start to finish. We apply six or more base coats of varnish. After that, the gold leaf lettering takes shape. The process is delicate because gold leaf and size are very fragile and challenging to handle. If you’re looking to outfit your yacht with handsome handmade quarterboards, please call us or contact us by email for a quote.

quarterboards - lady k Nautical Nameboards

Of course, you can buy boards to match your transom name. First, send us a good photo of your transom. With that, Travis can always locate the font that is needed. If not, he can provide you with a price to recreate the vector file as required. After all, he has been designing signs for 30 years, so he can always get the designs done in a timely fashion. Life rings with customized lettering will match your quarterboards. Together with sideboards and a gold leaf transom name, your yacht will surely attract attention and compliments at your marina and on the water too.

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