Custom Quarterboards – We Made Teak Boards For Carinya
Carved custom quarterboards for Carinya; Designs & Signs makes the best hard-carved boat signs for yachts on the Eastern seaboard and around the world. Carved teak boards with hand-carved lettering always look great. With the best materials and time-tested craftsmanship, you’ll never regret buying the best boards on the market.

How to make a quarterboard

The teak panels and finely sanded and given many coatings of UV protective clear. We use spar varnish, but it requires seasonal upkeep in the harshest climates. We always finish carved letters with 23 karat gold leaf. With a fine lettering brush, the lettering comes to life with contrast, which the outline provides. At least six coats of varnish cover the lettering to protect it from the sun and saltwater. Before the final coat, we give the boars thorough sand. Often we will use a sprayed spar urethane as the final coat. It is also oil-based, and so it’s compatible with the varnish.

How much do custom quarterboards cost?

Please take a moment to review our site; we have posted many beautiful photos of our gilded quarterboards and custom gold leaf boat names. Then, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. It will be our pleasure to provide you with new boat signs for your luxury yacht!

Carved Quarterboards - Carinya

carved quarterboards for Carinya

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