Quarterboards With Gold Leaf Lettering

Quarterboards with gold leaf lettering and hand-painted black outline. Transom boards to match! The boards are shaped from teak which we select for the best grain possible. We buy teak and mahogany from Exotic Lumber in Annapolis.

Drawings are provided for review before we make your quarterboards. If you need boards to match the lettering on your transom just send us a photo and we can match the original boat name.

If you already have boards which need to be stripped and refinished we can also do that if they are still in good condition. The quarterboards for Aloha were provided to us with the old lettering still on them.

We stripped the boards and sanded them. Then we bleached the teak and applied some stain to hide the shadow of the old lettering. Varnish is applied in multiple coats, followed by the gold leaf lettering and outline. Then the final top coats of varnish are applied and the boards look better than new!

Quarterboards With Gold Leaf LetteringQuarterboards With Gold Leaf Lettering

A detailed photo of our quarterboards with gold leaf lettering, take a closer look! We use about 8 coats of spar varnish to give the boards are perfectly smooth finish. About 4 coats under the lettering and another 4 coats on top. We recommend that you visit your local canvas shop to have covers made for your boards. Spar varnish should be used every other year or whenever the boards begin to look weathered. Give the boards a light sanding and then apply one new coat of varnish. The boards will last forever if you maintain the varnish!

Quarterboards With Gold Leaf Lettering

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