Custom Boat Quarterboards and Transom Boards

Custom Boat Quarterboards Hand Made!

Choice teak selected for grain and carvability. Boat quarterboards can be made of teak or mahogany. We finish all of our boards with 23 karat gold leaf and a black painted outline.

Other colors and leaf products are available. Sometimes we use palladium leaf too.

The photo below shows off some of the great detail of our work. The tiny imperfections in the hand carved surface are beneficial to overall look of these boards. The gold leaf shimmers as it reflects the light from many different angles all at once.

This photo shows some of the details in the carving and gold leaf finish. Pefect boat quarterboards.

From Ages Past…

Carved wooden quarterboards are a traditional art form. In ages past, locals would salvage good wood planks from beaches to create boards for their vessels of various purpose and need. These original hand-carved nameplates were affixed securely to wooden ships, as required by maritime law. They were designed to help distinguish seafaring pirates from naval vessels, and made them easy to identify while under way. Over the centuries, these signs have become ubiquitous in coastal communities, as collectors adorned their homes and businesses with them. This became a living memorial to the countless sailors and sailing ships that perished at sea, and to the shipping and fishing industries which are so important to all maritime communities.

Proud Maritime Sign Making Traditions!

At Designs & Signs, we are proud to continue the timeless traditions of hand carving and gilding for all types of nautical signage. We hand-craft all Quarterboards from hand selected teak or mahogany. All boards are finished with ten coats of spar varnish, one shot lettering enemal, and 23 karat gold leaf. With proper care of the top clear coats, your boards will last a lifetime. Between seasons a light sanding and additional layer or urathane or varnish will do the trick.

A teak board with carved letters and gold leaf. Boat quarterboards.

This is a Greek word. I have forgotten the meaning of this word, but it sure does look great! Boat names are always unique, as they should be, and of some personal value to the owner.

We only made one board for this vessel. The intention was to install it on the transom of the boat. Often, we manufacture two matching boards. Many captains prefer to place one board on each side of the boat.

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