Hand Carved Quarterboards for Spirit

Hand Carved Quarterboards made of teak. The boards are shaped and sanded, then the letters are carved by hand. The letters are finished with 23 karat gold leaf. We clean the teak first and we use varnish before and after gilding.

teak name boards

teak yacht signs

Teak quarterboards designed and carved by hand for Spirit.  First the boards are fashioned and then the letters are applied to the board with a pounce pattern and then the letters are carved out carefully by hand. There is no room for error! After the letters have been carved the boards are then lightly sanded. Multiple coats of varnish are applied. After a week of varnish coats the boards are ready for gilding. We use 23 karat double gold leaf. The letters are sized and as the size begins to dry the gold leaf is applied. If the size is too dry the gold leaf will not stick to the boards. If the size is too wet the gold will sink. Again at this stage there is no room for error. When the letters are dry the gold leaf is polished lightly with cotton. Then a clear coat is applied over the letters. Once the clear coat is dry the outline is brushed by hand. After the outline dries then additional coats of varnish are applied. The varnish must be sanded and reapplied yearly to maintain the quality of the lettering. If the varnish is allowed to fail the boards must be stripped and refinished.

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