Estate Entrance Designs – Community Entrance Sign at Coxby’s Estates III

We make the best entrance signs for Estate Entrance Designs, a lovely Sandblasted Community Entrance Sign for Coxby’s Estates III in Edgewater, Maryland! Gold Leaf makes every sign look better. This community already had the posts and gate , but they needed a great sign to bring it together. We designed this sign and blasted it from HDU with a woodgrain background. The combination of gold leaf and black is striking. Certainly, dark colors always provide the necessary contrast to show off the gold leaf lettering.

Community Entrance Sign - Coxby's Estates III

Estate Entrance Designs

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A Community entrance sign with a recessed woodgrain background; let us sandblasted a new sign face for your community soon; our estate entrance designs are second to none, sure to catch the eye of passers-by and please your many guests for years to come. We use only the highest grade of High-Density-Urethane – 18lb. The letters and trim should be raised and finished with a 23 karat gold leaf. This sign stands on a custom fence with rugged stone posts. Why settle for less when you can hire the best local sign makers! We also make dimensional signs from cedar. We can sandblast a cedar sign for you, or we can use a route to fashion a different HDU sign with incised letters or v-cut lettering.

What is incised lettering?

The term refers to the machine carving approach that simulates the look of a hand-carved letter. For example, we manufactured many signs for a church in Salisbury, Maryland. The v-cut letters in HDU make these signs look like we carved them the old-fashioned way, by hand with a chisel!

We also make dimensional signs for local businesses.

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