Sandblasted Signs – A Warning Sign / Private Property

We’ll make your sandblasted signs from the best materials available. We only use 18 pound SignFoam4, and we also use cedar. If you want a routed sign, we can do that too with HDU (SignFoam4).

How do we make sandblasted signs?

We make our signs by hand with a heavy-duty compressor and a blasting pot. The pot mixes the air and sand. We can carve HDU and cedar. Even carving in granite is possible. HDU signs can be blasted to look like wood. Similarly, each cedar sign has a unique grain pattern. We reveal this pattern with sandblasting, adding character and class to your sign. A rubber stencil protects the letters while the background is blasted away. Conversely, when we blast in stone usually we protect the background with the rubber mask while the letters are exposed to the carving media, sand.

sandblasted signs - warning

Sandblasted Signs are rugged!

We still blast dimensional signs by at Designs & Signs; we’ll make yours just the way you desire. First, we blasted this sign with a wood grain background. This technique adds a bit of class and character to your sign. If you are looking to purchase sandblasted signs, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Please take a moment to review our website. We offer an exciting variety of high-quality signs and services. Thank you!

Do YOU Need a NEW SIGN for your Community or Business? We can help. Would you mind sending us your logo, a sketch, or a photo of a sign that you like? Usually, with just a little information from you, we can provide a firm quote. In addition, there are additional links below which provide information about our hand-made signs and services.

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