Development Entrance Sign – Made for Ashleigh in Lanham

One sandblasted development entrance sign for Ashleigh, a local Maryland community; we made this simple subdivision entrance sign in a hurry, and it still looks great today. First, we sandblasted this HDU sign panel and then finished it with a 23 karat gold leaf. We being the time-consuming gilding process.

Why do we like to use gold leaf?

Decorative posts and finials require gold leaf also. Without gold leaf, the finials will not stand out, and they will not match the lettering on the sign face. But why does the HDU look like wood? Because we use a wood grain frame during the blasting process. Woodgrain is what makes any sign look different and unique. Next, the face and posts receive primer and tripel layers of premium latex paint. A good coating of latex and primer can last for ten years before the sign would need to be refinished.

So, where do we work? Designs & Signs manufactures many community entrance signs in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. Please take a moment to review our site. We have posted many photos of our gold leaf signs and signs. Then, please hire us to build your new Development Entrance Sign.

Development Entrance Sign - Ashleigh

sandblasted hdu sign

Another Subdivision Entrance Sign with Gold Leaf!

Perhaps Twin Pines is one of our favorite subdivision entrance signs to date. We build custom brick posts with veneer. HDU provided an easy way to shape and carve the sign face. Gold leaf adorns the lettering, trim, and post caps. Please visit the link below to learn more about this interesting Development Entrance Sign.

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