Sandblasted Sign – HDU – Cadle Creek

An associate from Cadle Creek Yacht Basin approached us with a design they had created for their new marina entrance sign. We made a few minor adjustments to the layout, keeping it simple but sophiscticated. It’s on display forever just down the street from our shop! With the sun and boat graphic it certainly catches your eye. A handsome sandblasted sign like this would be perfect for any marina or local business.

Sandblasted Sign - HDU - Cadle Creek

Sandblasted HDU sign for Cadle Creek Yacht Basin in Edgewater, MD. Raised letters with recessed wood grain background. Tier blasted sunset logo with two different boat silhouettes. One sailboat and one power boat.

Sandblasted Sign/s for Your Community Too!

Here’s one you can see on Rt. 32 – Twin Pines Community Entrance Sign

Cast Aluminum instead of HDU – Cast Aluminum Sign – St. Andrews

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