Personalized Life Rings & Customized Ring Buoys with Gold Leaf.

Personalized Boat Life Rings

Are you ready to set sail, but you just realized that you don’t have any lifesavers on board? We can not only provide you with quality lifesavers, but we take pride in crafting personalized life rings that are Coast Guard-approved. Each ring will receive lettering to match your ship’s name.

We create our personalized lifesavers. Typically, life preserver rings are available in two standard sizes – 24 or 30 inches. Our 24-inch personalized life preserver can have gold leaf letters with 23 karat gold leaf film. Gold leaf lettering looks excellent with a dark outline and shadow, which adds contrast against the white background.

Get your personalized life preserver shipped anywhere!

Contact us for a quote, and once you place your order, we will provide you with:

  • a drawing to match your transom name OR a custom font portfolio for your review
  • a scale drawing for your approval
  • Turnaround time is 3-5 business days

As soon as you approve the final drawing, we order the materials and letter your life preserver ring. From start to finish, the process only takes three days so that we can get it back to you with efficiency.

Our life rings have gold leaf lettering, gold leaf, or silver leaf in various finishes. In addition, we offer burnished engine turn and Florentine swirl. We always letter our rings with a dark vinyl outline or shadow. All of our life rings are coast guard approved!

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Personalized Life Rings / Quarterboards / Gold Leaf Boat Lettering.

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Facts about lifebuoy

A lifebuoy is also called ring buoy, life ring, lifesaver, life donut, life preserver, or lifebelt. It is also known as a “Kisby ring” or “perry buoy. ” The “Kisby ring,” or sometimes “Kisbie ring,” is thought to be named after Thomas Kisbee (1792–1877) who was a British naval officer.

 Frequently asked question

Is your personalized life ring coast guard approved?

Yes, all our life preservers are coast guard approved! U.S. Coast Guard-approved life preservers with lines attached have to be located in easily visible and accessible places on the boat. The number of life rings and the location varies depending on the floating vessel size. Please make sure you read the instructions on the official websites carefully. 

What sizes are life preserver rings available in?

Normally, life preserver rings are available in two standard sizes – 24 or 30 inches. We usually offer a 24-inch size.

How long does it take to produce a personalized life ring?

It usually takes around only three days, and the process is speedy and efficient.

How to throw a life preserver ring to the swimmer?

Before you throw the life ring, make sure all the lines are attached to it. Then, throw the life preserver ring past the drowning person, do not forget to hold the line so that you can pull the person to you. As you pull, you need to lean away from the drowning person for better balance. In this way, you can make a life ring save without hitting the victim with the ring. 

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