Life Ring Lettering – Whisper

A custom life ring with engine turns gold leaf lettering. Our high-quality custom life rings can match any boat name and be shipped to you anywhere in the world. Designs & Signs also made matching hand-carved quarterboards for Whisper. LIfe ring lettering is available in most cast vinyl colors. Since we like to use gold leaf, we also offer three gold leaf film and silver films with the same finishes. We can even revise your company logo to arch it around the top of a ring. First, send us your logo or the desired font for your life ring lettering. We’ll provide you with a quote. Once you place the order, you will receive a drawing for review and revision if needed. Then, we can letter your ring and ship it to you within three business days. ‘Rarely have I ever come across a life ring which I could not figure out how to do. Sometimes sprinted colors can become an issue, so usually, we try to avoid that type of lettering. Printed vinyl does not work well.

life ring lettering

See some more photos of our custom life ring lettering

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