Personalized Life Rings for Boats

Personalized Life Rings for Boats

Here at Designs and Signs, we create custom personalized life rings. Choose from multiple colors and fonts to get a look that best fits you and your boat. Having a unique life ring is a great way to add character to your boat. Hang up a life ring with your boat name to complete your boating experience. These are also great gifts! This “Queen Anne” boat looks lovely with deep blue lettering on a white background (see below). There are many possibilities and options available for Personalized Life Rings for Boats, so contact us via email or phone and let’s get yours started today!

  • Life rings are called lifebuoys but can be called other names such as safety wheel, lifebelt, water wheely, lifesaver, donut, or Kisbee ring. (Named after inventor Thomas Kisbee (1792–1877), a British naval officer.)
  • Before Kisbee’s invention, many people used a crude cork belt or jacket to prevent seafarers from drowning.
  • Furthermore, Leonardo da Vinci sketched a concept for a lifebuoy around the 15th century. In addition, he also drew balancing sticks and buoyant shoes for walking on water.
  • Lifebuoys have seen various upgrades and innovations throughout their history. Now, personalized life rings for boats may be brightly colored and are often decoratively painted.

Personalized life rings for boats / Queen Anne

You can find more personalized life rings for boats in the links below:

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