Custom Lifesaver Ring by Designs and Signs

Designs and Signs’ most original custom lifesaver ring

Breaking Chad? Designs & Signs has made another great looking custom lifesaver ring. Breaking Bad is a critically acclaimed series which obvisouly inspired the owner of this new life ring. First, we clean the surface of the life ring to remove any debris that could inhibit the lettering from adhering. Next, the lettering was diligently positioned on the top and bottom of the lifesaver ring to ensure symmetrical alignment. We applied the designs carefully by hand.

Custom Lifesaver Ring Breaking Chad

What is Bromine?

Bromine is the only nonmetal element that exists in liquid form at room temperature (72 F). It is a dark reddish-brown liquid with a pungent odor. It is also more dense than water, so it sinks when added to an aqueous solution. Bromine is toxic if inhaled, and is also highly corrosive to tissue and metals. Additionally, Bromine is 40 and 100 times more destructive to the ozone layer than chlorine atoms.

Source: Live Science

Carbon is essential!

Carbon is an element that is commonly referred to as the “backbone of life”. It is the primary “ingredient” for most life on Earth, and also has the ability to bond to itself, forming long and resilient polymer chains. Carbon has four electrons in its outer electron orbit. A single carbon atom has the ability to bond with four other atoms. It also comprises the basis of graphene, which is stronger than steel, yet more flexible than rubber.

Source: Live Science

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