Customized Life Rings – Alligator

Matching customized life rings for Alligator will look great on any yacht. First, we provide a quote. Then, once the purchase is approved, we can provide you with fonts for review. Subsequently, Drawings with your selected font will display the exact look of your ring before we proceed with the lettering. Finally, we produce your letters with burnished 23 karat gold leaf film with a black vinyl outline. So get personalized life rings for your luxury yacht or sailboat today!

Custom life rings for Alligator

Life rings for Alligator

Life rings were designed and lettered for Alligator, a luxury yacht.  The lettering is Burnished 23 karat gold leaf film with a black vinyl outline. Our life rings can be lettered to match your boat name if a good photo of the boat’s transom is available. We will ship life rings to your marina, home, or business. We take payment in advance, then offer drawings to review , and we can usually have your rings shipped within 3 to 4 business days! So give us a call today or send an email. We would love to make some custom life rings with gold leaf lettering JUST FOR YOU!

CUSTOMized Life Rings Shipped Direct TO YOU!

We can ship your rings to anywhere in the lower 48 states. Also, international shipping is possible. However, the cost of international shipping can be a determining factor. Often, it can be too expensive to justify the purchase.

What is the purpose of the life ring?

Is a lifebuoy ring something that I should know how to use? Usually, you use a lifebuoy ring when someone falls overboard in the water when you are sailing in the water. It resembles a red or white tube. When you throw a life ring, be careful not to hit the drowning victim. Instead, throw the ring well past the victim and then pull the rope, bringing the ring toward you and the victim. When the ring makes contact with the struggling swimmer, they may grab onto it. Then, you can pull them safely to the boat or shoreline. – How to throw a life ring

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