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Life Preserver Ring Decoration

Decorative life rings made by Designs & Signs. We have 24 inch rings for sale and 30 inch rings for extremely large vessels. For most large luxury yachts a 24 inch ring will do just fine.

Coast Guard Life Ring Rules…

  • A vessel over 65 feet in length requires the use of 3 life rings. The minimum size of each ring must be 24 inches. Vessels under 65 feet require only one ring on board.
  • All of the life rings that we sell are of the highest quality and coast guard approved for maritime use.

decorative life rings

A close photo of the 23 karat gold leaf film. We applied Florentine Gold Leaf film with a black outline. The pattern of the Florentine swirl catches the light and makes the lettering sparkle in the sun!

nautical life rings life rings with vinyl lettering

With or without a port, your personalized life rings will look great. Send us a photo of your transom and we’ll match that font for your rings. Keep in mind that not all fonts will look good on a life ring. If your transom has a script font with large ascenders and descenders, we would usually use a more tradtional serif font for the life rings, such as times new roman or california.

A Gallery of Personalized Life Rings –


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