Personalized Ring Buoy with a Red Burgee, for Gale Ann.

Can you put a burgee on my life ring?

Black letters with a gold leaf outline make this Personalized Ring Buoy look sharp indeed. Get your Personalized Ring Buoy with gold leaf lettering. Send us a photo of your transom, and we’ll match it! Pay upfront, and we’ll get your ring shipped out in a few days!

A custom life ring for Gale Anne

Don’t let the simplicity of these rings fool you. Arch designs are always complicated to create. Indeed, all fonts are not the same. So it follows that every layout behaves differently. For example, italicized fonts are explicitly challenging to place rightly on an arch because they appear to fall over on the arch’s right-hand side. We can account for this and make necessary changes to get your life rings looking their best. Often, one must make many tiny adjustments during the design process to accommodate the font. Only an experienced designer can do this effectively. Likewise, the application of gold leaf with a thin outline is very difficult. Again, only one with experience and a steady hand can letter our rings.

Personalized Life Ring - Gale Ann

Personalized Life Rings SHIPPED FAST TO YOU!

We created a custom ring buoy to match the transom lettering on Gale Ann, a luxury Fleming Yacht. We use premium vinyl and genuine 23 karat gold leaf film. The burnished gold leaf film is applied first to the ring as it is the background color or outline. Then, the black vinyl letters are placed one by one over the gold leaf. Finally, the red double burgee adds a little something extra to take this Personalized Ring over the top. The finishing touch to make it just perfect!

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