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The owner of Cardinal Plaza Shell contacted us about glass gilding for the widows at his garage in Virginia. He found these great ideas online. Obviously, creating custom designs is part of what we do. We didn’t make these particular signs , but the customer often shows us something they found online as a starting point for what we could design for them. A photo gives us a clear idea of the style of sign or logo you need. It is obvious from these photos that our customer is looking for something fancy that incorporates some ornamental gold leaf. The only problem is that the window of their garage is tinted. This means we can’t install gold leaf on the interior of the window. Instead, we will have to use film on the exterior to do this job.

Find some photos online, show us what you had in mind, and then we’ll start creating your custom designs.

glass gilding on shop windows creating custom designs

stetch for a custom sign layout

Please send us your sketch too!

Creating custom designs is not easy. Photos can be helpful, but we’ll also need to know more specifics about what copy and graphics you might want on your sign. The owner of Cardinal Plaza Shell was able to put his ideas on paper. He scanned a sketch and emailed it to us. I was able to provide a drawing for review and feedback. We made a few small changes, and then we added an outline, and the design was ready to go.


creating custom designs for cardinal plaza shell

As it turns out, this is not quite what they wanted, but there are some limitations to what we can do with gold leaf film. When we are working with gold leaf film or traditional leaf, there are limitations. Only so many details can be achieved. We were very worried that these designs would be too complicated to use on the window. However, we were able to make it work.

creating custom designs for cardinal plaze

Some photos of the final product…

It is sometimes difficult to get a good photo of a gold leaf, especially on a cloudy day. The gold leaf mirror effect is difficult to see well in a photograph. Because of the window tinting, we needed to use a gold leaf film on the exterior of the glass. In the end, the customer was very pleased with the results, and we agreed. The lettering does look nice on their window. The design was worth the effort. Please contact us about creating custom designs for your business.

gold leaf on glass creating custom designs

How do we vectorize a logo when creating custom designs?

When creating this logo, we tried many different versions of the “shell” logo, which are all available online. We vectorized those images and then cleaned and revised them as needed for use in the logo. The classic Shell logo comes in so many forms. Our customer had a good selection to choose from for the final design.

logo to be vectorized creating custom designs

Photos of MORE Gold Leaf on Glass!

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