Making The New Cross Point Entrance Signs

NEW  Entrance Sign for Cross Point in Dunkirk, Maryland.

Cast aluminum plaque on a stone wall with posts

First we removed the old signs and brackets, then the stone veneer and caps were also removed from the cinderblock posts.  A new cinderblock wall was built between the posts. We are in the process of applying gold leaf to the new faces. One of the signs is double side and we will install a face on each side of the new wall. The other sign is single sided, only one new face is needed.

The new faces are heavy duty cast aluminum with a recessed leatherette background. The signs are painted dark navy blue with a protective acrylic clear coat. Next week we will be gilding the raised letters and trim on all three of the new faces. As soon as we are finished we will deliver and install the new signs on the cinderblock walls. I’ll post some photos of that as soon as we get it done!

The new signs will be pin mounted to the walls. A paper pattern is used to locate and drill the holes which correspond to the pins that protrude from the back on the sign.

Gilding in the Shop…

The new cast aluminum sign faces were delivered yesterday. They are protected with a lacquer base clear coat. We lightly sanded the letters and trim to prepare the surface for size. In the photos below you can see the color of the raw brushed aluminum… That will be covered with gold leaf.

Below, the size is applied we add a bit of yellow paint to it. As the size begins to dry the gold leaf sheet is applied by hand. We also use talcum powder on the background of the sign to prevent the loose flakes of gold leaf from sticking to the sign face.

Finally the letters are polished with cotton and the background of the sign is wiped with a damp cloth to remove the talcum powder and loose gold.

More to come, these signs will be installed today, and the veneer will be finished within the next few days.

And here they are. The signs have been installed and now the stone veneer and caps are being finished. More photos to be posted soon of the finished signs!

cross point signs

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