Brushed Metal Logo for Maryland Vision Institute

Another great brushed metal logo; we made this faux metal logo for Maryland Vision Institute. They were expanding their new offices and asked us to move their logo into the new patient lobby. No problem!

How to install  your brushed metal logo

We removed the logo from the old office wall. However, the double-sided tape is strong, and it didcause minor damage to the drywall. Patching and painting are always necessary after we remove a logo.

dimensional letters

The paper pattern (photo below) allows us to place each letter and graphic onto the wall accurately . Finally, we secure the letters with double side high bond tape.

how to install dimensional letters

After we secure the letters to the wall, Then, we can carefully remove the paper patterns.

brushed metal logos

Detailed photos of the process. Brushed metal logos are available in all sizes and colors and with a variety of metallic finishes.

brushed metal logos

What are the characteristics of dimensional signs?

PVC, acrylic, foam , and metal are all excellent choices for making dimensional letters and logos. We create signs with a three-dimensional appearance. Illumination from above or below augments the natural shadow of the dimensional letters. Our customers choose dimensional letters. We make a professional impression in your office or building. Guests know they have arrived when they see your good-looking wall logo on display.

More photos of our office logo installations!

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