Glass Gilding

Beautiful gold leaf signs on glass, also called glass gilding. We do it all by hand, using only the best materials available. Designs & Signs is well known in the Washington, DC area for glass gilding. We have installed so many fantastic looking glass gilding projects for residents and businesses all over the city.

Typically we letter windows for restaurants, bars, and high end specialty shops. We also do some surface gilding at local museums and carved monuments. Currently we are part of a renaissance of gold leaf signage which is happening right now in Washington, DC.

Residential homes also need gold leaf, traditional gold numbers on the glass transom above the front entrance. We gild transoms on private homes, businesses, and multi-residence building all over the city. Sometime we find ourselves gilding in Baltimore and Annapolis as well for residential gold leaf projects.

Traditional gold leaf is in high demand and we are excited to be a part of it!

Golden House Numbers

Golden House Numbers

We'll make your new home look great with new golden house numbers. So how does glass gilding happen? Our team uses 23 karat loose gold leaf, applied carefully by hand. The master...

Gold House Numbers

Gold House Numbers

Gold leaf is the best material available for decorative your front entrance. Typically, we install traditional gold house numbers on the interior surface of your clear glass...

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