Gold Door Numbers. Vintage transom numbers at 2233

Art deco gold door numbers

We installed beautiful art deco gold leaf address numbers for a homeowner in Washington, DC. Gold door numbers will surely catch your attention. A robust geometric gold leaf inline frames the vintage transom numbers, adding depth and balance to their beautiful glass transom. There is no better way to designate your home. Your guests and all passers-by will appreciate the value-added. But, of course, a great home isn’t perfect without traditional gold leaf address numbers. So we rendered the numbers by hand on-site, using traditional methods and materials. We’ll need at least five hours to finish gold leaf numbers, but with the addition of a decorative outline or other elements, a job like this can last for eight or ten hours.

Vintage transom numbers

Choosing the right font for your gold leaf numbers can be overwhelming, with so many styles to consider. Thankfully, we have good options available for you. We can streamline the process by providing only traditional fonts. Art deco gold leaf address numbers would undoubtedly be considered classic. Vintage transom numbers could be art deco or even sans serif. While ball terminal fonts like Clarendon are probably the most traditional, there is truly no limit to what we can do! Often our customers will obsess over finding an old-looking font. However, that is not necessary. Vintage transom numbers look antique , more so due to the traditional materials that we use. Additionally, we will only offer you historically appropriate fonts to review. The result is perfect vintage transom numbers every time!

Gold door numbers

Art deco gold leaf address numbers look great at 2233. We finish each number with double layers of 23 karat gold. The mirror finish is stunning.

The nature of gold

Gold is an elemental metal that is extraordinarily malleable. In fact, gold is the most malleable metal that can be found on Earth. Some people think of early gold miners biting their “treasure” to determine if it’s real or not. This is because gold will be slightly soft when pressure is applied, instead of remaining firm as rocks do. In addition, the malleable characteristic of gold enables it to be formed into many different shapes and sizes, such as gold leaf. Interestingly, the term ‘malleable’ has Latin roots as ‘malleus’ which translates to ‘a hammer’.

Pure gold also has the ability to bond with other metals. Such metals include copper, silver, palladium, and nickel. Next, rose gold is comprised of about 25% copper and 75% gold. Finally, white gold consists of around 25% white metals, which include the remaining three listed above. Given this fact, one can still wear or use gold even if one dislikes the natural color of gold.

gold door numbers - vintage transom numbers

Vintage transom numbers at 2233. You can’t miss gold door numbers. Your guests will find your home without fail.

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