Bronze Lettering, Perfectly Installed at Annapolis First Presbyterian.

Bronze Letters Wall Decor

Incredible Bronze Lettering looks great in any church or office. But, if you put bronze letters above your entrance, it’s official, which means this particular room is essential. Cast bronze with polished returns and brushed faces is a great way to define your interior spaces with style and grace. We protect your letters with a clear lacquer-based coating that will make them last forever, especially indoors. We installed these pin-mounted letters above the main entrance to the chapel at Annapolis First Presbyterian Church in The Historic District. A beautiful church on Duke of Gloucester St. in Annapolis; for sure, the congregation can appreciate this enhancement.

Turnaround for cast plaques and letters is about 3-4 weeks from deposit. First we provide you with a quote, then when the quote is approved and the deposit has been made we can proceed with your custom signs and letters.

Available Finishing for Bronze Letters and Plaques

  • The brushed finish is popular and rugged.
  • Satin is similar to polished but not as stunning.
  • Polished letters look like a mirror!
  • Oxidized light and dark, these finished could best be described as aged or weathered.
  • Traditional Patina Verde, a dark green oxidized color that shows age.
  • and Turquoise Patinawhich also looks antique but with a bluish tint to it.

Annapolis First Presbyterian Church - Brushed Lettering

Would you mind taking a moment to visit the official church website at If you are in the Annapolis area, we are sure you will enjoy attending a service. So stop in anytime to see if this church is right for you!

How to Install Bronze Lettering

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