Plexiglass Sign; We Created This for Maryland Vision Institute

Is a plexiglass sign plastic or acrylic?

Technically, plexiglass is just another brand name for clear acrylic. A Plexiglass sign is essentially a “flexible plastic glass” sign. Hence the term or brand name, Plexiglass. So what are acrylic signs made of? Well, technically, acrylic or plexiglass is a cast polymer. Are acrylic signs durable? For this type of installation, we can use plexiglass or acrylic. However, we never use acrylic for exterior pin-mounted lettering. This material expands and contracts with weather changes. If you were to set threaded pins into it, eventually, it would begin cracking around those pins because they are set tightly into the material. For this particular installation, we drill the holes clean through the transparent panel. The bolts pass through but they do not bite. As a result, the face can expand and contract without putting any stress on the face.

maryland vision institute sign

brushed stainless steel letters on plexiglass sign

A good-looking Plexiglass Sign for Maryland Vision Institute in Hagerstown, MD; at Designs & Signs, we can make your creative vision come to life. We blast the second surface of the plexiglass , creating the words “The Berman Building” in relief. On the first surface, brushed aluminum letters stay put on the face of the panel; very high bond double-sided tape makes this installation possible. The plexiglass sign stands off of the wall; four stainless steel bolts with decorative caps provide support.

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