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Historical architectural mural in the Baltimore City neighborhood of Fells Point; we painted this mural by hand. We use a technique called “cutting in.” First, we paint the wall with white block filler. After that, we apply the pounce patterns, and then we come back with a brush to paint the black background. Next, we “cut in” around the letters in black. The black will cover the white in one coat. If we did it the other way, we would need two coats of white to cover the black. We always cut in when we are painting a light color letter on a dark background.

architectural mural

Here are a few more photos of this historical building in Baltimore City. We truly enjoyed painting this beautiful architectural mural!

We think this building looks excellent today Whenever we complete a restoration project. Our only hope is that we have successfully recreated the style and feel of the past. Indeed, this letter style and color scheme remind us of the past. Perhaps this is a classic factory-Esque painted piece. In black and white, it certainly provides us with a view into the images and iconic styles of early 20th-century city scapes and the glory days of American industry.

Architectural Mural - EJ Codd Co

Architectural Mural - EJ Codd Co

EJ Codd Building History & News

We painted another unique mural in Fells Point at Bond Street Wharf. There was an installation at the Baltimore Museum of Industry about that mural. More about that – Mural Exhibit – Museum of Industry. It’s great to be a part of the revitalization and restoration of Baltimore City.

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