Hand Painted Lettering – Colony Club

Hand-painted Lettering for Colony Club, in Washington, DC; we love to paint murals in our nation’s capitol. This particular mural looks simple, and yes it was was pretty easy to do. A one-color sans serif font looks excellent, even if it’s a straightforward layout. Simple is always better when it comes to sign-making. We like to paint with bold stroke and colors. The secret to painting on brick is to have a short, stiff-haired brush. Rigid burhs bristles allow the artists to push the brush accurately into cracks and divets, success cutting a clean curved line over a rough surface.

painted lettering on brick wall

hand painted lettering at colony club

We can cut a smooth line on a rough surface.

We use a stiff, short bristle brush, called a stipple brush, to cut clean letters and lines on uneven rough surfaces. It is also possible to stencil onto surfaces like this, we use a special type of stencil to paint small letters on rough brick walls. It’s a secret, how we do it! However, when we have large letters like these, we prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, by hand with an old stiff lettering brush!

brendon brandon

Hand-painted lettering makes Brendon smile.

The lettering looks simple, but with this surface, it’s pretty challenging. It takes patience to get it just right. If we make any mistakes, we can quickly use the background color to cut back into the letter, effectively hiding any rough edges or drips. Of course, touch-ups are always part of the plan.

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