Commercial Signs Washington DC – Halfsmoke

Commercial Signs Washington DC

Another Beautiful example of our hand-painted lettering at Halfsmoke; we painted these simple murals at a popular new eatery in Adams Morgan.

hand painted lettering

hand painted lettering

hand painted letteringTiny lettering goes a long way.

Halfsmoke is a new eatery in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC. We lettered the facade on the front and sides of the building. I believe these letters were about two feet tall. The two of us worked on the job for one day to complete all of the mural lettering. Hand-painted signage and gold leaf are making a come back in Washington DC. We enjoy being a part of it.

Hand-Painted Lettering

First, we use a pounce pattern to apply the design to the wall with charcoal. Next, we use a porous bag filled with charcoal powder and rub it over the pounce pattern. The pattern has many small holes in it, through which the charcoal passes onto the wall. In this way, we can see the design on the wall as we paint. Next, we painted the HalfSmoke lettering on the storefront and the “H” on the street corner. Next, we used coal-black or gold leaf painting to form the company’s name signage. We would then apply any necessary shading to the lettering. Please leave it to dry for a little while, and the sign comes out perfectly.

About HalfSmoke

Established in 2016, HalfSmoke combines quick-service restaurant, cafe , and gastropub elements, which results in a unique and complex foodservice design. They also offer a full-service bar and private parties which cater to individual tastes and needs to provide the best experience for their guests.

To find out more about HalfSmoke, please visit the link below.

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