Sandblasted Cedar Sign Cardinal Plaza Shell

A sandblasted cedar sign for Cardinal Plaza Shell. The owners of Cardinal Plaza Shell contacted us with a request to build a custom cedar sign. Travis Brandon created the custom layout to the specifications provided by our customer. The design requirements were strict. However, our customers provided good samples of signs that they liked to inspire our design. In the end, we made it work. A beautiful gold leaf design was also created and installed on the front window of the station office. Creating Custom Designs – Cardinal Plaza Shell

To begin the process, we route the custom cedar to shape. Then we prime the cedar before applying a rubber sandblast mask to the face. Masking protects the raised flat letters, logo , and trim during the blasting process. Kevin Nick manages all of our blasting projects, has 30 years of experience in the trade. Consistent blasting brings out the attractive grain of the wood.

How do we paint your sandblasted cedar sign?

The next step is painting. We always use Sherwin Williams exterior premium latex paints. The final step involves the application of size and 23 karat xx gold leaf. Again, timing during the gilding process is critical to achieving the correct shine and adhesion.

We offer powder-coated steel frames

I designed custom powder-coated steel brackets for the face. These brackets look great with the oval sign shape, and they add the necessary support.

Many factors go into making the perfect handmade sign. Above all, patience and good communication with our customers is a must. We cannot rush these types of projects because every little detail is essential.

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sandblasted cedar sign with gold leaf

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