Farm Entrance Signs at Tally-Ho

Farm Entrance Signs

without custom farm entrance signs, your visitors and prospective buyers lack that sense of a warm welcome and distinction to separate your farm from the dozens of others in your area. You may feel that your farm may be built and stocked with everything you could need to sell to the market. With an eye-pleasing, custom farm entrance sign, your visitors and prospective buyers will enter or return with the immediate sense that your farm isn’t just any old farm. A sign gives your farm an identity. A proper farm entrance sign makes your farm so much more special.

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Farm Entrance Signs at Tally-Ho Farm in Monkton, Maryland. Vertical grain clear heart cedar 1.75-inch thickness. Sandblasting reveals the grain of the wood. The fox was painted by hand, copied from a portrait provided by the customer. All of the raised flat letters and borders show off our traditional 23 karat XX gold leaf.

The decorative hanging bracket and posts are both made of stainless steel and welded together. The powder coat black finish will hold up well against the elements for many years.

A thin steel bar holds the base of the sign to prevent the sign from swinging. In addition, the rigid welded bar prevents damage to the face as signs tend to sway in high winds. However, this farm sign will not do that.

The post penetrates 32 inches deep with concrete to prevent movement as well.

custom farm entrance signs

Wooden Farm Entrance Signs

For a classic homestead look, we recommend our wooden (cedar) custom farm entrance signs. Our signs will fit your needs and desires. We can apply our 23 karat gold-leaf by hand and our additional shading and outlining to make your farm sign distinctive and stylish. We also use premium exterior latex paints so your sign can endure the elements. So, with proper maintenance, your sign can last a lifetime. Our wooden (cedar) custom farm entrance signs will add so much more to your farm or ranch and give you and your visitors the sensation of a natural homestead managed by real people.

HDU Entrance Signs

We also recommend our high-density urethane (HDU) signs. These signs can feature smooth or textured backgrounds and have a hand-carved style or sandblasted look. We use sandblasting and routing techniques to give your sign a unique, hand-carved look for your farm or ranch. In addition, our custom farm entrance signs made of HDU can provide a warm welcome without the worry of damage from storms.

Horse Farm Entrance Signs

For all of the ranchers out there, we’ve got you covered as well. We can design our wooden or HDU farm entrance signs to be perfectly fit for your ranch. In addition to text, we can include designs of horses or anything you desire. We’re also happy to provide individual signs for each of your horses so that their pens can be especially distinguishing. Whatever needs you may have for your ranch’s signage, we will be happy to provide.

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