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Designs & Signs manufactures custom cedar wood signs sandblasted by hand. We pay careful attention to the details to make our signs exceptional. Here, we’ve featured a custom carved cedar sign for Evergreen Square HOA, one of our clients in Oakton, Virginia, near the District of Columbia.

Creating a Custom Carved Cedar Sign

Choosing a suitable material is essential to create a custom carved cedar wood sign, such as the one we have exhibited below. We use vertical grain clear heart cedar to create our custom signs, which we sandblast by hand. The sandblasting process exposes the grain of the wood, leaving behind the copy and graphics. In addition, premium exterior latex paint protects cedar and HDU from harsh elements.

The letters, logo, and border are brilliant. In addition, 23 karat gold leaf enhances the appearance of the logo. We apply carefully by hand using traditional methods. The gilding process is delicate and unforgiving. To produce a firm bond and optimal brilliance, one must lay the leaf onto the size at the correct time. In the photo below, Kevin Nick puts some finishing touch-ups onto the sign after installation. The process is complicated and takes a lot of time to do perfectly, and the results speak for themselves.


evergreen square

The Frame for a Custom Cedar Sign

The frame for the custom cedar sign is also custom designed and made by hand. It utilizes welded stainless steel with a black powder coat. It holds up well to extreme outdoor exposure. The beautiful frame also prevents the cedar from warping. It’s welded to a base plate and attached to decorative scrolls, adding extra support to the sign. The base is attached to the top of the wall with lead plugs and heavy-duty galvanized lags. 

Our Weather Resistant Signs

We make high-quality custom cedar signs to last a lifetime. We make our signs to withstand all types of weather (rain, wind, snow, and ice) and extreme temperatures. Our customer also request routed HDU (high-density urethane) which serves well for an outdoor sign. Between these two materials, there is no difference in terms of outdoor life expectancy. We have installed signs, both cedar , and HDU, which are now twenty years old or more, and they still look good with regular maintenance. Usually, we would need to refurbish the paint and gold leaf about every ten years.

custom cedar signs with gold leaf

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