Museum of the Gilding Arts, Our Gold Leaf on Display.

Our gilded glass sign is at the Museum of the Gilding Arts.

Glass gildingor Gold leaf numbers on a glass pane, we create these glass signs by hand with a painted outline and black backup paint. We donated this piece to our friend; It is currently on display at The Museum of the Gilding Arts in Pontiac, Illinois. I believe that the frame is a recovered piece of an old wooden door, but I’m not quite sure. Brendon also added some unique inlaid diamond details to the strokes of the numbers. It looks like matte gold leaf diamonds. We would apply those to the glass before applying the gold leaf layer with a mirror finish. For an artistic piece, these techniques are easy to do if we are working in our shop.

Drying time will limit what we can do on-site.

However, drying time becomes an issue when we are on site. Every layer of gold or paint requires one hour of drying time or so. When we get into more complex detailing with multiple layers of gold leaf , the on-site hours needed to finish an installation can double with each additional layer required. Because of this, when we are working on-site, we are usually applying a double layer or mirror gold leaf. Just that usually requires a whole day to complete.

Museum of the Gilding Arts

Please take a moment to enjoy our extensive website.

It’s an honor to have our glass gilding on display at the Museum of the Gilding Arts! Brendon has worked for over 60 years making signs, and recently institutions locally and nationally have recognized the quality of his work. Please take a moment to review our site. We have gone to great lengths to post many photos of our work with a helpful description of the techniques and process. However, this is just a tiny portion of the work that we have done over the years. We hope you will enjoy it thoroughly. If you have any questions, please email us, and we should be able to help!

See more gold leaf house numbers.

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