Architectural Murals, Painted Wall Signs at Whole Foods Pittsburgh

Incredible murals use bold colors and shapes.

We traveled to Pittsburgh to paint these architectural murals for Whole Foods Market. We apply the different colors in layers, with a different pounce pattern for each color. I do love this style of mural painting. Color and shape are primary, and the reduced detailing allows for better use of color to create striking contrasts. Bold colors and shapes; this style of mural painting is so much better-looking than many corporate mural designs that most designers are proposing today.

Good designers understand the artist’s tools.

Hopefully, we will see a return to these more traditional styles of lettering. To properly design anything for a mural, it is essential to understand the basics of the process. Designs will always be better when the designer understands the strengths and limitations of the process.

wall murals in pennsylvania

hand painted graphics on building exterior

Shape, Color & Contrast – Architectural Murals.

Designs & Signs has installed many painted murals for Whole Foods Market. Our painters first applied the fruits and vegetables in these murals to the garage doors with pounce patterns and charcoal, and then the shapes were painted by hand. Lighter colors are usually applied before darker colors, allowing for colors to be layered as needed. Architectural Murals require patience and planning. However, we love painting murals like this. When designers approach their craft with a deeper understanding of the media and substrate, the planning and painting are easy and fun!

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