Architectural Mural – Whole Foods Wexford

Architectural mural installed by Designs & Signs at Whole Foods Market in Wexford, PA. Designs & Signs has installed many painted murals at many Whole Foods Market stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Designed by Whole Foods Market. This particular mural was painted outdoors in the entrance vestibule.

architectural mural - whole foods wexford

We decided to use a brick stencil because of the smaller letters at the bottom of both logos. It worked perfectly. The lines are sharp. We had to stipple this with a dry brush. When working with stencils it’s important to work light with the paint and build up dry coats. A wet brush or wet roller will cause the paint to bleed under the edge of the stencil and the lettering will be ruined. On a painted wall we can touch that up but on raw brick there is no room for error.

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