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A simple architectural mural at Whole Foods Market Annapolis. Designs & Signs painted many different murals throughout this store. We also have installed murals for Whole Foods Markets throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. 

architectural mural

How to paint this architectural mural…

To paint a mural like this, with a dark background and bright letters, we use a technique called cutting in. First we roll a coat of white block filler onto the then wall. Then we apply another coat of white latex paint. When the paint is dry we use a POUNCE PATTERN to apply the the outline of the letters to the wall, a thin charcoal powder outline. Then we use a brush with black latex to “cut in” around the lettering, leaving on the white letters exposed. We use this technique because black will cover white in one coat. If we were to try to paint white letters on top of the black, it would required two coats of white, doubling the labor on the most difficult part of the job!


Another FANTASTIC Mural by Designs & Signs…

Architectural Mural – Bond Street Wharf

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