Carved Yacht Name Boards & Gold Leaf aboard Eagle 4

We must outline gold letters to create contrast.

We make robust Carved Yacht Name Boards and teak Quarterboards boards for Eagle 4, a Fleming Yacht at Burr Yacht Sales in Edgewater, Maryland. The hand-carved letters capture your attention because we finished them delicately with 23 karat genuine gold leaf. Then to create a more robust visual response, we frame each golden letter with gloss black enamel lettering paint. Unfortunately, the outlining process and gilding are both tedious at best.

Carved Yacht Name Boards

We inspect our work to deliver quality Carved Yacht Name Boards.

Even with years of experience, we know that some minor mistakes can ruin the look of Carved Yacht Name Boards, so we go over the figuratively with a fine-tooth comb. Before applying topcoats, we use powerful reading glasses to examine each letter. Small holidays (gaps or streaks) in the gold leaf or outline might not look bad from a typical viewing distance, but frankly, that standard is not good enough. We strive for perfection in our craft, and we make the necessary adjustments along the way to ensure that your Carved Yacht Name Boards look perfect up close too.

Varnish and Urethane protect your boat signs.

We protect our boards with multiple coatings of oil-base spar urethane topcoats, at least ten coats over the lettering. Before lettering, we probably use about six or more coats of spar varnish to fill the wood grain and ready the teak for our gilding process. Please take a moment to review our website. If you would like a quote, please call us directly or contact us by email.

We look forward to starting a new Carved Yacht Boards project with you. Keep in mind that we also offer transom boards, transom lettering, and personalized life rings. Here are some great photos of some of our life rings. Follow the link below.

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