Gold Leaf Boat Name, a Marlin & Mermaid on Sirens Song.

Gold leaf boat lettering

Designs & Signs provides boat lettering services, from fonts to designs, choosing the best colors and installing your name on schedule!  We do boat names the right way, always. Let our team design and install the best boat name for you soon. We service marinas in Annapolis and Edgewater. Coming up with two graphics on any boat is very hard to do. Primarly, we are concerned about using two images that would work well together. Stylistically, we do not want these images to clash in any way. Here we have a jumping sailfish grahic, and on the other end there’s a pretty little mermaid! With a lot of editing, we made everything fit just right. The tail of the mermaid matches the upper case letters in the name. The tail of the sailfish matches the curve of those same letters. To say the least, a high level of artistry was needed to pull these concepts together. We would love to use these graphics on your boat.

Do you need a boat name with a fish?

First, you’ll need to tell us what type of fish you would like to include in your boat name. Popular in Maryland, are rockfish and marlin, or tuna. Undoubtedly, anglers in Maryland covet these three trophy fish more than others. Large rockfish are up for grabs in the Chesapeake Bay during trophy season in the fall. Deep sea sportfishing boats leave Ocean City, heading sixty miles East where the Gulfstream offers up prize-winning Marlin, Tuna, and other great monsters of the deep!

Who doesn’t like pretty mermaids on boats?

Sirens are mystical creatures, elusive, hidden in the depths of the sea. So it follows that putting a mermaid on the transom of your boat is a great way to create a unique boat name. At dock or underway, your boat will surely get the attention it deserves with a beautiful mermaid abord!

engine turn gold leaf boat name

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