Etched Mirror Signs, Flashy Etches Signs at The Outback Saloon.

Etched Mirror Signs, Let’s do something different!

This hand-made tiki bar sign looks great. It’s something different that we can do, not in line with our usual requests. However, we love to put this on display. Everyone will be impressed when you install a sign like this at your bar or restaurant.  There is nothing tricky about making beautiful signs with mirrors. We mask the mirror’s backside with a rubber mask, and then we give it a light sandblast. That’s it!

Etched Mirror - Outback Saloon

Second Surface Etched Mirror Signs!

Sometimes when we are just working for fun, we get to do things that we don’t often do or use techniques that we don’t usually use. In this case, we have some good friends in our neighborhood who have a fabulous backyard tiki bar. They just wanted something interesting to put outside during the summer for parties, so we decided to reverse etch into the second surface of a mirror and then mount it with a custom handmade mahogany frame. I found a cool saloon-style western font and then added the inline with the decorative floral corner dingbats. Something like this takes anyone’s tiki bar to the next level for what it’s worth. Either way, it’s just an excellent custom sign, and we had fun designing and creating it for our friends in Annapolis.

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