Dimensional Letters – Scarborough Capital

Brushed metallic face dimensional letters; we made this handsome logo from PVC. The brushed metal face is laminated onto the PVC. A CNC router produces this style of lettering. Real metal letters, such as bronze, brass, aluminum, and steel, would be a step up in quality. However, the overall look of faux metal lettering is not much different from the real thing. In short, you can’t go wrong with this choice; PVC letters with a brushed metal face always work great and look great in offices and other appropriate indoor spaces.

The manufacturing of PVC letters, logos, and signs in 3D

Dimensional Plastic. Because of this, It is more common for PVC letters to be used as outdoor signs than acrylic letters. Various thicknesses of PVC are available, from 1/8″ to 1″. A painted PVC letter or logo looks finished and professional. Depending on the look of your building exterior, your letters can be painted in high gloss, semi-gloss or matte finish. However, we always suggest a matte finish. Without a doubt, matte looks the best. In addition, we can apply a wide variety of colors with spray paint. PVC signs are commonly used to address numbers due to their durability and ease of painting when worn out. PVC dimensional letters can take abuse from birds and weather and be refreshed with a coat of paint whenever necessary.

dimensional letters

We installed new Dimensional Letters at their new office.

Brushed Steel Letters look great at Scarborough Capital. Their new letterhead and signage are top-notch. Simple layouts and quality materials are always good options. In this case, that is true. Scarborough Capitola dimensional letters have never looked better than they do today, at their new, beautiful office.


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