3D Letters / Dimensional Letters at Kratos ISI

For businesses and professional offices, we provide 3D letters that can stand out. This Kratos logo looks sharp. The company has its office in Lanham, Maryland. First, a CNC router cuts the letters out of a sheet of Komacel, which is PVC. Next, the letters receive two coats of sprayed enamel paint. What could make these letters look even better? Finally, A matte clear coat brings the colors to life and gives them a more cohesive appearance.

For this reason, the color of the letters appears smoother. Finally, we mount the letters directly onto the wall with double-sided tape. We use a paper pattern to ensure the accurate placement of the letters. Simplicity is always best. One good element in your logo is usually all that is needed to make it work.

What is 3D Lettering?

Signage that incorporates three dimensions, also called three-dimensional signage, can improve your advertising efforts in several ways. First, a sign can be indoors or outdoors as long as it has some dimensional element, such as raised lettering or logos.

pvc letters

Next Level 3D Letters are sure to please.

We offer high-quality materials if you are trying to take your interior 3D letters to the next level. Cast Bronze, Cast Aluminum, and Stainless Steel Letters will provide your place of business with the professional appeal that your customers desire. All metal letters require a custom finish. Frequently, we finish bronze, steel, and aluminum with high polish or horizontal brushing. Likewise, anodized finishes will produce a wider variety of metallic colors, which

Here are some photos of fantastic brushed metal letters we installed for a friend in Annapolis (Brushed Steel Letters – Scarborough Capital).


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