Office Wall Lettering – Baltimore RHP

We installed this handsome office wall lettering for Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership in Baltimore city. The letters are routed komacel (PVC) with a two-color custom sprayed finish and matte clear coat. With a paper pattern and VHB double-sided tape, we install office wall letters accurately every time.

Typically, we produce routed letters made from komacel (PVC), finishing them with sprayed flat enamel paint. Cast letters are available too; aluminum and bronze with a variety of finishes. We manufacture office wall lettering for indoor and outdoor use. Our installed attach the lettering with double-sided tape for indoor installations. Sometimes we use pins and a drill pattern if the letters are heavy. Cast letters can be weighty.

For outdoor installations, we always use pins. Threaded pins hold well in brick, wood, or other dense surfaces. We always drill our holes accurately and with the correct diameter to ensure that the pins fit tight, preventing the letters from being removed.

office wall lettering

The Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership (BRHP) expands housing options for low-income residents by helping them access safe, healthful, and economically vibrant communities.

In 2012 BRHP began to manage Baltimore Housing Mobility Program and other measures following the landmark desegregation lawsuit Thompson v. HUD. BRHP has aided over 5,000 homeless families in finding new housing. In addition, families with low incomes have more housing options with the BRHP’s integrated housing program, which combines voucher administration with pre-and post-move counseling.

Do you need office wall logos too? Please get in touch with us for a quote.

First, send us your logo if you have one and also please give us a size estimate for the logo or lettering. We’ll need to know your location so we can determine the installation cost. Generally we are able to provide quote without doing a siture survey. Photos of your office interior are also very useful. We’ll need to know specifics about the installation surface. For most interior wall surfaces, double-sided tape is sufficient. Turnaroud time for most dimensional letters is three weeks from deposit.

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