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We make quarterboards and decorative ring buoys too!

We love to design creative things, especially creative boat lettering and graphics! Unfortunately, after making this boat name, we suggested “Hat Trick” with an Octopus between the words! Oh well, maybe next time. We can always help out with new clever ideas for your boat lettering. We’ve put new names on hundreds, if not thousands, of boats over the years. For sure, no boat is too big or small for a new good-looking name. Sometimes, we can put words on the sides, aft or stern quarter. However, If there’s room enough on her transom, then a name and port there are most appropriate.

We can recreate your boat name.

In addition to names, we offer carved teak name boards with gold leaf or mahogany boards if you have a luxury yacht. We can carve the lettering into your name board to add that extra touch of class and style. Likewise, custom-matching life rings will impress everyone who sails with you. If you already have a name on your transom, send us a photo of it. We’ll match the font or recreate it entirely by hand if needed. It’s not a problem to reproduce the lettering for use on your quarterboards and ring buoys.

custom boat names

MORE Creative Boat Lettering & Graphics.

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