Family Boat Names for your finest cruising vessel!

Optimal boat lettering installation conditions

The optimal weather and tranquil location made for an excellent installation of these family boat names. As shown in the first photo below, the entire boat was in the shade. However, a hot boat can also make for a tricky installation. When the transom or side becomes hot from the sun, vinyl sticks to the ship very quickly.

On the one hand, the heat is a great way to ensure the vinyl adheres appropriately. But, on the other hand, the vinyl sticks at even the slightest contact. If the vinyl isn’t precisely where we want it to be when contact occurs, it quickly becomes an issue. In cases where heat can be problematic, we use a liberal quantity of application fluid. We do our best to avoid this sticky situation!

How to install Family Boat Names

This boat remains on the river full-time, so it required diligent cleaning to remove the debris left behind after the water dried. Proper placement of the family boat name was challenging due to the length of this boat. Ultimately, we decided to center the name on the console to create uniformity. We were also required to find a point of reference to ensure the family boat name was level. The front of the boat curves upward and flattens once again.

Installing boat names on a small transom

Applying the port name on the transom of this boat was rather tricky. Typically, the port name installation is relatively simple since the font is smaller, and most boats have sizeable transoms. However, the confinement and immovable obstructions around this transom significantly increased the level of difficulty. In the end, there was just enough maneuvering space to enable the correct positioning. We’ll always take our time to be sure that your family boat names look great!

vinyl boat name

“Andiamo!” is the Italian translation for “Let’s go!”. The new white lettering compliments the color scheme of this boat well.


vinyl boat name

Shown is a close-up of the finished product. We thoroughly cleaned the side of the boat thoroughly.


family boat name

Although this port name on the transom is the smallest part of the installation, it was the most difficult due to the obstructions.

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