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Brick Wall Murals

Architectural Murals; we painted these Brick Wall Murals for Parts and Labor, a restaurant in Baltimore City. We tape the pounce pattern to the wall while checking measurements to ensure its placement and level. Next, we rub a porous bag of charcoal powder over the pounce patterns. The powder goes through the holes of the pattern. In this way, We can paint the outline of our design on the building. Not unlike a coloring book. We’ll see the black lines on the wall, and we can fill them in as needed. Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than a coloring book, but you get the idea. The approach becomes more complex when multiple colors and overlaps are involved. We can use rollers to paint large portions of any Brick Wall Murals, but fine details and edges require skilled brushwork. Designs & Signs has painted many commercial murals in Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington, DC. We have also traveled to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia to paint murals. Please take a moment to review our website. We have posted many great photos of our hand-crafted signs and hand-painted murals. Thank you for your time!

Brick Wall Murals

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