Alumalite Sign at Century Plaza

This Alumalite sign (v-shape) with exterior 4×4 posts; we mounted this sign face to white treated lumber posts, with post sleeves and decorative PVC caps. Designs & Signs for Beco Management designed and installed this leasing sign at their Century Plaza Office Building in Columbia, Maryland. We use only the best materials for maximum outdoor exposure.

alumalite sign

Do you require temporary or permanent real estate signs? If so, please get in touch with us for a quote. Please send us your logo and whatever other copy requirements you have for your sign. Additionally, we’ll want to know where to install your signs as travel time will affect installation price. First, we’ll provide you with a quote for your alumalite sign. Once the quote is approved, we can provide you with a drawing for review and revision. Finally, we can manufacture your real estate signs and install them quickly once you approve the drawing.

What are the benefits of Alumalite?

Alumalite is an excellent choice for outdoor signs because it has a lightweight corrugated core. The aluminum faces are laminated permanently on both sides of the corrugated plastic. Because of this, we can transport and install these panels with ease. Finally, we cap the edge of the alumalite with plastic trim. For the most part, this prevents bugs and other debris from entering the open corrugates areas.

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