Alumalite Signs – BECO Park Lanham

What is Alumalite?

Alumalite signs are powerful despite their seemingly lightweight fabrication. The panels also contain a high-density polypropylene core. These characteristics prevent the board from rotting, rusting, swelling, and even delaminating. Alumalite is the same weight as a .040″ sheet of aluminum. Interestingly, the panels are fifty times stronger than aluminum sheets.

Reasons to choose Alumalite signs.

First of all, signs should withstand prolonged exposure to moisture, heat, and freezing temperatures. This material does just that. It is also dependable in cold climates with freezing temperatures, passing all field tests with no significant structural failures. In addition, this material is also suitable for applications in regions that experience high wind speeds.  Likewise, Alumalite can withstand wind speeds over 120 mph when fastened adequately between two posts. Finally, Alumalite is also safe for indoor use.

No matter which material you use to print, Alumalite has you covered. The panels are factory-baked with polyester paint, providing a high gloss finish and superior rigidity. Subsequently, Alumalite is an ideal substrate for paints, digital and screen print inks, and vinyl. Alumalite panels are also available in a wide variety of shades. Colors include red, yellow, green, and blue.

We made leasing signs at Beco Park in Lanham.

Whenever we use alumalite, we know for sure that we deliver a great product at a competitive price. Exterior signs, even temporary signs, will last ten years or more outdoors. We cover these panels with a printed vinyl face. To make the sign even stronger, we apply a matte clear coat to the face. This clear coat prevents UV damage to the printed colors. For sure, your leasing signs will look great for years to come, if you hire Designs & Signs, LLC.

Alumalite Signs - BECO Park Lanham

Alumalite Signs - BECO Park Lanham

Alumalite Signs - BECO Park Lanham

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Do you need temporary signs for your commercial property? Our alumalite signs will be an excellent fit for your needs, whether selling or managing a property. Leasing signs, for sale signs, and more; for sure, we’ll get these signs done and installed for you quickly.

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