Alumalite Sign made for Berman Enterprises

One V-shape alumalite sign; we designed, fabricated, and installed this sign for Berman Enterprises. Both sign faces are supported by painted four by four posts and stringers. Alumalite signs are typically used for real estate advertising because they are cost-effective, attractive, lightweight, and strong enough to endure years of heavy outdoor exposure. So why is Alumalite great for outdoor use? Despite prolonged water exposure, Aluminumite will not rust, swell, rot or wick water. It will also not wick water or delaminate despite its aluminum composite core.

Do alumalite signs have a high strength?

Despite its thinness, Aluminum (14″ thickness) is still a strong, rigid background material and the third strongest panel material. In fact, it is strong and lightweight, which makes it the perfect material for temporary real estate signage. We say “temporary use. ” However, these sturdy signs will last ten years or more.

Can Avery vinyl last for a long time?

As a matter of fact, we use only premium Avery vinyl for lettering our signs and vehicles. It takes up to ten years for color wraps to fade, five years for metallic wraps, and 12 years for black or white wraps to remain vibrant. Most of our types of vinyl and films will last a minimum of 8 years outdoors. Specialty finishes tend to have a shorter lifespan as a result of their unique appearance.
In the beginning, you might think that you need a temporary sign, but in reality, this sign might be outside for longer than you expected. In which case, you’ll be glad you hired Designs & Signs to make your signs. Conventional wisdom dictates that we should use only the cheapest materials. Despite this thinking, we generally prefer to err on the side of quality. A bit more invested in your sign, on our end, means that we don’t have to worry about short-term material failures and replacements. In summary, a better sign is better, no matter what you think you might need.

Alumalite Signs - Berman Enterprises

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