Unique Boat Graphics – Educat

Unique Boat Graphics – Educat – Designed and installed by Travis Brandon at Designs & Signs in Edgewater, MD. First, I will usually work by hand with a sharpie to create the line art needed for a custom graphic, in this case a “smart cat”. I’m not a cat person but I still pulled this off. I’ll scan my drawing and then use Flexi-Sign to vectorize and edit the drawing. Vectorizing and editing is how we prepare the drawings for the xy plotter, which we use to cut vinyl.

Unique Boat Graphics - Educat

Unique Boat Graphics – Educat! Cute Kitty?

A custom boat name at Performance Cruising in Annapolis, Maryland. The smart cat was drawn by hand, then scanned and vectorized. After a bit of editing, the vectorized images can be reproduced cleanly at any size with a vinyl cutter or large format solvent printer. We use premium vinyl for all of our boat lettering installations. Please take a moment to review photos of our custom boat names.

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