Boat Name – Brier Patch

A custom vinyl boat name; we designed and installed this name at Hartge Yacht Yard in Galesville, MD. At Designs & Signs, we use only premium cut vinyl lettering, with a guaranteed outdoor life of nine years. Brier Patch is a beautifully restored historical vessel. The name had to be traditional and classic. We match the curve of the tunnel , and even in one color, this name looks great! If you have a sailboat that needs a new boat name, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. Thank you!

How do we install a vinyl boat name?

Typically a boat name will require the use of one or two custom colors. Sometimes we use gold leaf film too or silver leaf. We offer only the highest quality Avery cast vinyl. There are many colors to choose from; popular outline colors can be black, white, and navy blue. Whenever we make a new boat name, we recommend a light color letter with a dark outline. However, if you have a dark blue hull, we can reverse the colors—a white outline words well on a blue hull. In addition, we offer removal of old names, and we can compound that hull to remove any shadows of the previous lettering further. In turn, we will provide you with fonts for review , and then we’ll send you a drawing with measurements for final review and revision if needed. Once approved, our installers can install the name and port quickly.

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