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Truck Lettering at its best.

Please request a custom truck door logo that we can design just for you. Below, you’ll see an excellent logo for United Rigger. We used their old stamp and combined it with the Flag. Vinyl truck lettering is the cost-effective way to get maximum exposure for your business when you’re on the road! A good color combination is critical to your advertising success. The light blue trucks look great with a red, white, and blue logo. How can anyone go wrong with this American Flag theme? Although, it seems patriotic. We love Americana signs and symbols for sure.

Here’s some more photos of our truck lettering.


vehicle lettering fleet marking truck lettering

Fleet Marking and Custom Truck Lettering!

Our customer provided an excellent concept for their new logo. Then we created this custom logo for a fleet of big rigs and boom lifts at Hutchinson United Rigging in Beltsville, Maryland. They wanted a new patriotic logo, so Designs & Signs made it happens.  This logo is classy and appropriate. You can’t miss it when these trucks are on the road!

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First of all, if you already have a logo, send it to us with a photo of your truck. Usually, this is all we need to provide quickly. So take your time, enjoy our website, and if you still have questions, please send us a message, and we’ll respond to it as fast as we can!

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