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Every ship has a name, and yours deserves to have it shine. We at Designs & Signs can provide you with personalized boat name plates and plaques. We specialize in painting gold-leaf, outlined, or shaded signs for your boat. Our teak boat name plaques are hand-painted with an applied finish to make your signs distinctive and stylish. We’ve showcased one of our client’s plaques for display on the Suzannah Aqui. Plus, did you know that it is good luck to name your boat? This tradition started thousands of years ago. Actually, not have a name on your ship can bring you bad luck! So make sure you select your boat name and boat sign well.

We make the beat Boat Name Plates.

Teak Name Boards: we made these handsome boards by hand for Suzanna aqui. The letters are not carved on these boards. Instead, the letters are gold leaf, turned by hand with a cotton ball. The outline is painted by hand also.

Suzanna Aqui - boat name plates

gold leaf yacht signs - boat name plates

We use gold leaf, and then we turn it by hand.

We created these boards for Suzannah Aqui. The 23 karat gold leaf is applied and turned by hand. This technique is called engine turning. The black outline is also painted by hand. These teak boards are cleaned after the carving to remove the teak oils from the wood. When the varnish is applied the clean wood grain allows for a more robust, longer-lasting physical bond. After gilding and outlining, the boards are varnished again. Typically we use 4 to 6 coats of varnish before we gild and another 4 to 6 coats after gild. With regular upkeep of the varnish, these boards will last a lifetime. Please take a moment to review our website. Thank you for visiting Designs & Signs online! Surely, we look forward to making your new boat name plates.

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