Development Entrance Signs with Gold Leaf, at Riding Stable Estates.

A new sign on existing stone posts.

Kevin Nick applies 23 karat gold leaf to a new Development Entrance Signs. We installed the new sandblasted sign on the existing posts at Riding Stable Estates in Laurel, Maryland. The old sign was in terrible shape. So we created a unique design and sign shape. We were able to remove the old sign and install the new sign in its place. The new sign also has a custom hand-made steel bracket on the back. Soon we hope that a builder can repoint the stonework on these posts, and new post caps are a must. Hopefully, the Riding Stables HOA will continue to make improvements to this lovely neighborhood sign.

surface gilding a sandblasted sign

Development Entrance Signs; Refinishing old stone posts.

In a perfect world we would have been able to fix up these posts too. There are a few stones that seemed to be a bit look, and there are really no caps on top of the posts. However, these repairs were saved for a later date. For sure these handsome posts are worth saving. First, it is possible to reset the loose stones and to add some mortar to any broken gaps. Next, we would remove the existing flat caps. For sure, new heavy blue stone caps would look great. In time, we are sure that this community will want to recondition these posts and keep this sign looking good for many more years to come.

Development Entrance Signs

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